If Game of Thrones was made by Disney…

Series created by Fernando Mendonça

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Just lay with me and tell me about the
stories of the stars, and how you’ve
gotten all your scars. Tell me how your
father fell in love with your mother, and
how most the time you feel like you’re a
shit brother. Tell me about the first girl
you kissed, and how ever since you met
me you realized all that you’ve missed. Pull
me close against your chest, and let our
anxious hearts lay to rest. Kiss me on my
shoulder, and tell me how you can’t wait til
we’re older. Pick the black eyelash off my
cheek, and kiss my eyelids when my tear
ducts leak. Just love me, goddamn love me,
because your arms are where I need to be.

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Shaken fries.

KILL la KILL - Episode 8

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Sweet Satisfaction. (at Saiwaii Ramen)